Incorporate transition risk into investment analysis – the latest way to perform screening and due diligence on the YvesBlue platform.

Upload your portfolio and choose a benchmark to analyze how your portfolio stacks up in the absence of scenario disclosure by the portfolio’s holding companies.

Scenario Risk Scoring

YvesBlue focuses on five pillars to score risk aimed at aiding asset management firms and portfolio managers to make data-driven investment decisions in portfolio management.

  • Policy & Litigation

  • Technology and Adaptation

  • Market Risks

  • Reputation Risks

  • Physical Risks

Scores range from 0 to 4, with 0 representing the lowest risk and 4 representing the highest.

Get started

  1. Open your dashboard and upload or open a portfolio.

  2. Visit the Carbon Report tab and click TCFD Scenario Report.

  3. Check your overall portfolio risk and risk scores for each holding in your portfolio.

An overall portfolio risk score is displayed for each portfolio an organization uploads and is compared against a market benchmark chosen by the asset manager. The portfolio risk score is computed as an aggregate of the individual pillar scores.

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