Any type of financial product sold in Europe will soon be classified as to how much it has invested in climate solutions. What once was the province of a few venture capitalists has evolved to a broader base of investors both in private equity and public equity.

In public markets, we have companies like Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure ringing in at the New York Stock Exchange in 2017 ( and Enphase which has had a precipitous rise in its price since 2017 among many others with characteristics like a dividend or a disruptive technology making it a target for acquisition.

YvesBlue started with a coverage set of 10,000 stocks and is increasing its coverage over time. So far we have identified companies in the following categories:

  1. energy efficiency retrofit and building automation for energy management,

  2. smart grid, power conversion and electrical transmission

  3. batteries, ultra-capacitors, super-capacitors, and microgrid,

  4. LED technology,

  5. bicycles,

  6. electric vehicles,

  7. ride sharing,

  8. carbon capture,

  9. regenerative and next generation agriculture,

  10. renewables of all types,

  11. communications,

  12. greenhouses and hydroponics,

  13. water technologies,

  14. green hydrogen

For more information about climate solutions, you can visit Project Drawdown or The EU Taxonomy

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