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Why sustainability? Why now?
Why sustainability? Why now?
Written by Lillian MacCartney
Updated over a week ago

Three reasons:

1) Key indicators: Sustainability is just another important investing lens (like value, growth, etc.), one that is likely to be increasingly material over time and often encompasses financial factors as well (e.g., a company with an ethical supply chain almost certainly has tight operational controls).

2) Investor concerns: More and more investors are concerned about negative social and environmental impacts of their investments, especially the much-discussed ‘next-gens’, who are poised to inherit approximately $15T (roughly economy of China) by 2030.

3) Growing set of risks: Sustainability is only getting more pressing as the most recent UN IPCC report gives us only a little over a decade to avoid catastrophic climate chaos. Every business on the planet needs to be evaluating and tracking these risk factors as well as reducing carbon emissions to get in front of regulatory risks and protect our way of life (and their business!).

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